Total Customer Care

Total Customer Care
June 13, 2018 Alfred Mutua

Alfred Mutua from Nairobi, Kenya is the owner of his auto repair company and speaks on how he cares for his customers in a wide variety of ways. Africa #000195

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Total Customer Care

By Alfred Mutua

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here in a friend of Mine Mechanic shop, auto mechanic and repair selling tires, and I’m back after a trip to Africa in the country of Kenya Nairobi area and I met up and recorded conversations with Alfred Mutua an owner of a similar a mechanic shop in and a man of vision and and he’s going to talk to us about Customer care. Total customer care he’s going to share how he deals with his Customers how he makes sure his customers are happy and how those customers come back to him. Let’s hear from Alfred. Hi, my name is Alfred Mutua director Universal Auto-touch Limited, we are in Kikuyu Nairobi Kenya. We involved in repairing servicing of vehicles, all kind of automotive one thing that has been a strength of our garage is that I’m Technical being having that passion of repairing the vehicles. It has helped me to assist clients when they are stuck Sometimes somebody calls me. They tell me the battery terminal is loose she is a lady, she does She has never known how to do it. She just rinse everything that has fallen. Always been assisting them. Once he tells me, he or she tells me what the problem is. I’m very technical I always lead them to where the problem is because most of the things are too minor they fix themselves they run around and to the next level. I’m believing God to put this in YouTube or some of these small things like a fuse is blown. The headlights are not showing Like the car is not starting simply because the battery is not it’s not it’s not tight The alarm is not working well, how to disconnect it and continue the Safari it’s like like Some of these more small small things. I want to go to the next level where I can put them on YouTube and people can access our website and get them and assist themselves Even when they can’t get me otherwise those who have talked me when they are in problems Long distances away from where I am have been able to assist them and even to assist their technicians who we can get to where they are and that has been our strength and main clients to believe in us because they always know that Whatever problem they are cars have. I have a solution for them. Away from the garage. I have a solution. I know what it is. That’s one part of my strength. God has given me that wisdom. I don’t deny. We are involved in repairing and servicing of vehicles. I’ve been in this business for the last three years. Doing the same business repairing vehicles. But there are some lessons that I have learned as we continue to do business because before I opened the garage I was doing part-time jobs where I was employed regarding people’s vehicles and In the course of repairing people’s vehicles. I came to learn that it is good to have a target, group of people whom we love to do business with. I found that now different ages of people have different ages of people have different needs so And the same same people Will determine the kind of business the kind of money you will make in the business it’s like I found like we have these and many people from the age of 25 years to 35 years. These are people who are getting jobs or getting small loans to buy vehicles who might not have money to repair These people are very demanding and They are very aggressive They want things to be done. They believe in their small vehicles. Ah, he have their special needs But they don’t have the money to pay to make to take you to the next level. So we still have this other group From the ages of like 45 years to 60 years. These are people have been working. They have their own business They are very settled. They just want things to be done in the right way and They need the results as long as they need the results. They they’ll pay the kind of money you want so I decided to target this kind of group from 45 years to 60 and above and let me say that it has worked for me Because these are people who are running their own businesses who you have to go to their offices They just want you to send an driver to take the vehicle, you examine what the vehicle has. They don’t ask for quotation they just believe in you and They pay that kind of money you asked for the services as long I have one client mine. You can see the vehicle the Land Cruiser that is here. He’s driving. This kind of vehicles is like cruises, V8, LX 570. One thing for the last 15 years. I’ve been working for him through part time until I came to my garage. We always agree that I asked the kind of money I asked but not one day the car should be stuck on the way he moves around from Kenya to Tanzania to Uganda to Zambia with his vehicles and is my responsibility to make sure that the cars are serviceable. So what I’m saying is like there is a kind of clients whom you target who can take you to the next level and you can’t just run in between This client and these clients are this class. It makes a lot of confusion in the business. So it has worked for me These are people are settled These are people who have not more than one vehicle this kind of group 45 years to and above. We have more than one vehicle. They’ve been driving vehicles for many years, but when you get to these other via in this other group, they have the early challenges I’m not saying you don’t work for them. We work for them they’ve just gotten a loan somewhere to buy a car is one car they They believe that they should not go with the matatus. They push here and there. The money they are paying is still small. So it becomes too difficult to work for them. So Working for that targeting that kind of group has worked for me. These are people their demands are higher, but they are worthy. Sometimes they will require even to to give them a driver to drive them when they don’t have they will require for me organize insurance to be taken to the houses, to their offices. They would require their cars to be taken and to be fueled, to be taken to car wash and I always give that kind of service and it Has worked for me for this far that has helped me. Fabrication and at this level we are going to a different level of getting vehicles modifying and fabricating them to For different purposes, like what you can see is a truck. This was a truck for transporting Goods, but now we are changing the face from being a truck for transportation to be transporting vehicles. We are fabricating a towing breakdown a towing vehicle a flatbed where Instead of pulling vehicles on the road. We shall be towing them fro from down we load them to the vehicle to lorry and We take them to the destination where they are supposed to be taken. So what actually we are doing is like we are going to the next level where we can We can we can we can come from , just repairing to fabrication for making something different from the normal like on the other side You are seeing now. We are fabricating a bus. This bus had a very major accident. We had to begin it afresh. We change the face. We are doing the interior We are doing the glasses or no more we fitted them again And then from here now will go, will do the painting so it’s possible to come from one level to another and from that level to another from here we are going far will begin afresh will make even lorries, will make even Trucks and the rear bodies that’s our vision and that’s where we are going Now the kind of clients we have now on the kind of vehicles that are there initially we had the manual vehicles. Manual vehicles has no problem. As long as you put it free Gear you can tow it, but the automatic vehicles and most of them are full-time four-wheel drive You are not able to need to tow them. Like I have one in the garage which was towed from Tanzania and is a Full-time four-wheel drive, they damaged the transfer of the vehicle. So after noticing that I went to the next level where I make a flat bed where you just put a load the car on the vehicle you Transport it to where you want to transport it and then the car is safe. It doesn’t have an extra damage apart from the one that we intended to do So I’m encouraging other people not to stick on one on one line. Wherever you see that’s where you go, but if you can’t see you’ll remain where you are. Thank you


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