Tracy Gibson – Bio

Tracy Gibson – Bio
August 20, 2017 Tracy Gibson

Tracy Gibson is owner and President of Mustang Trucking in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a short-haul dump truck company hauling sand, gravel, dirt, and bulk roadway supplies. By Tracy Gibson #000146

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Tracy Gibson – Bio

By Tracy Gibson

Hello, my name is Tracy Gibson and I’m the owner of Mustang trucking in Oklahoma. We’re here in Honduras right now doing some business teaching and trying to help the local businesses do a better business trying to take from our own stories and information we’ve learned along the way to help them. I started in business in 1998, really not knowing much except for how to work hard and in doing so I learned a lot of things on the way. I didn’t know anything about accounting, payroll much of anything so along the way just started asking questions, seeking out people who could teach me and it’s been a lifelong trip of learning and I know if I can do it anybody can do it. In the trucking business we actually do local dump truck construction and so the first step of my journey was actually getting a CDL to drive about truck and I was out in the field actually working with other dump truck drivers, working with contractors, seeing the problems that everyday faced and how to dispatch the logistics of jobs, all the problems even mechanical and how to kind of self-diagnose different things.

As business crew I started hiring employees. I didn’t know how to do payrolls so I had to learn how to do that. Doing so I actually outsource payroll because I knew enough not to trust myself with the duty of making sure the taxes got to the right people on time. So, I would delegate that to people I trusted and to other companies I trusted and that journey also led to course hiring and learning hiring practices. Hired a lot of wrong people for the right job, learn those practices and setting new systems into the business and in doing so again, everything is learning step by step. We now own several trucks and use owner operators around the Metro Tulsa area and are doing well in business and are hopeful that maybe something we can pitch will help yo


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