August 5, 2017 Gary Shotton

Business and personal experiences are filled with transitions and how well we navigate these transitions will determine our future. By Gary Shotton #000118

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here again with you with these teachings on Inspiring Better Business, IBBTalks.  I hope you enjoy these I hope they’re helpful to you and today we’re going to talk about transitions you know all of us have transitions in life whether we like it or not we better have some transitions and dealing with life transitions and business transitions in a positive good way can make you successful but if you don’t it can break you so it could be a make or break situation and what I mean by transitions well we’ve all faced it some because when we got out of junior high we had to transition into high school and pin on on the size of your school or the size of your school district or whatever that situation might be if could been a major deal and of course those that went from high school to college that’s another transition you’re away from home you don’t some people can’t make that transition they want to stay home they want to stay in their safe environment and then of course there’s that first big transition into your first job out of college or in your whatever trade you’re in or whatever going out and getting that first job is a transition so we deal with transitions and some of them like those are our choice where we have control on those at least some control because we’re in a position to plan ahead and and make a transition and be able to anticipate that but there’s other transitions that are not so cool I mean like losing a job or bad economy and so we have to be able to deal with transition in a way that we become good at it that we become successful I can’t say that you like it I can’t say that you enjoy it but I can say that you can be satisfied because you come through that transition marriage is a big transition oh I’ve got some friends that there are lifetime bachelors well you know there’s some kind of a tolerance muscle I had a friend that was working for me that he was in his mid 40s and had trouble working with other people I said come on man you need to get married you’ll figure out that it isn’t always the way you want it when you’re married because that’s a transition from from being single to being married and so we’ve got to look at this for the situations who so that where we’re on top of things and and making the best of our business transactions now in the business world we work up to our business transaction normally but I have having previously worked for the other guy or the employer and I advise that I know some young people that they’re in their early 20s a man they just can’t already stand working for someone else because they want to own their own business boy they want to be successful they want to be a millionaire by the time they’re 30 they’re on this quest well I’ve watched these people and most of the time they’ve missed some critical steps that they could have learned if they would have said listen I’m going to work for somebody else I’m going to put them over I’m going to make the best of this and I’m going to learn some things that’s what I did she had some transitions I was the farm kid and a little sheltered not overly sheltered but we we had a family farm so I didn’t go work for somebody down at the grocery store in town we worked hard and it wasn’t abused and then I went to college and when I came to college it was okay not a big transition because I I was pretty positive about that kind of had an idea my brother was in this college and so my brother and I lived together so it wasn’t that big a deal but then here comes out of college well I I really had a choice my dad and parents would have preferred at that time for me to come back even though I went to college and worked on the farm and maybe been a part of the farm operation well too many things were going against me at that time bad economy on the farm I had a little brother and sister so I could see you know I better go out and just use this education I worked nine years for this oil company in heavy construction I didn’t know that much about construction well I was responsible for a crane that could lift concrete and lift steel and it can wear that they call it the jib was a hundred and twenty five feet in the air we built a building that was 80 feet why they DP long and then 80 feet tall I was responsible for welders I went now this didn’t happen at all once but man I learned so much I learned how to deal with people I learned how to take criticism I learned how to be a offend hours people be mad at me people cussed at me people were not polite to me all the time and so it kind of was a transition that I needed there now after a period of time the economy dropped again and I decided to go to Bible School and I made a major transition but you know I had a big problem I couldn’t find a job I couldn’t find a job in my field I could try to flip hamburgers at the local hamburger store but they wouldn’t even hire me because I was overqualified and so I started a moving and storage company that’s transition I had no idea other than moving my stuff in a trailer that I had borrowed from my dad and I put an ad in the paper it had to be a trailer that you could move four horses in it was a horse trailer and I put an ad in the paper that give the dimension it’s a 5 by 16 trailer and I just started moving people I didn’t put the word a horse trailer in my hand I just said trailer and people called me and I started my transition boy this was something different I only did it out of necessity I didn’t plan to own a moving and storage company but after two years I realized hey this is what I should do so I did it for the next 17 years while I’ve transitioned into all kinds of things from just having a local moving into being interstate mover to be international mover to be that’d record storage to be all kinds of sub things in storage and so I was in transition welcome to another one that season ended I sold my wife and I sold that after 17 years and in this point I transitioned in in the year 2006 I bought a machine shop I’m sitting in here transition again see I’m not bragging but I have been able and now have much confidence in myself that I can go from one occupation totally different occupation to another occupation and make it work I can do inside this vision business right here take on new things like gear cutting or grinding or things that we need that this company had never done never had done welding and we took that on so I have gained confidence in this ability to transition to other things it gives me a lot of power I don’t know what’s next I’m cutting into this I’m going to like this idea that we can talk all around the world through video and teaching I kind of axe actually kind of hope that I can own a business in several different continents that sounds wild I don’t want to live there but you know I can talk all about business in in a Latin American South America or I can talk about business in Africa and I can until I really get in there and do a little bit of it I don’t know if I know what I’m talking about so I’m open to the idea I do not see a day that I will not be going on with new ideas and transitioning into things that will stretch me you want to be stretched you don’t want a hybrid eight on first look hey you know you might have somebody offends you you might have something really go bad you got to be able to shake it off and forget about it yeah I’ve had embezzlements I had my right-hand person embezzled from me that hurt and I didn’t like that I had somebody sue me for something up I don’t think I was wrong I didn’t like that but you know that gave me some fortitude that made me to go on and I think you’ve got to be willing to go on and not curl up and cry for mommy and and be sorrowful for yourself and be be depressed oh you can be sad for a couple days or maybe an hour then shake it off and go on because you have to be in transition pretty well all the time and we call it in one way continuous learning another way continual improvement so there’s all kinds of things going on so I hope this helps I hope you’ll look at your situation jump in with the freedom to chant transition at the right time and in the right direction so don’t just jump for the sake of jumpin I glad you’re part of this hope you enjoy these teachings stay tuned in for more teachings that please share these we thank you very much


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