Two Options

Two Options
June 7, 2020 Gary Shotton

As you are working for someone else, use this as your training for when you own your business. Learn to bring at least two options to resolve the problem you are facing. By Gary Shotton #000372

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Two Options

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

I was about 12 or 13 years old and I worked on a farm because my dad was a farmer and he expected us boys to get out there and help him and we were glad to do that because we got paid it wasn’t much but we got paid and at one point I was pretty proud of myself because I was driving the tractor this was simple we had a simple implement and one of the tires on the the implement that I was pulling was flat and my dad I had not told us what to do and so I was real proud drove the pickup which we drove just a few miles back to the house and reported to my dad that there’s a flat on the implement and I’ll never forget he looked at me kind of odd and said well why didn’t you bring the tire so we could fix it I never dawned on me but there was my awakening to think beyond just basic instructions and that’s what we’re going to talk about today is two options when you have a situation at work and you’re facing something and you’re not and you bring a problem don’t bring a problem to your boss or to your supervisor without elite bringing at least two options as a possible solution you see a lot of people think that they’re working for somebody else and this is just dead time I’ve got to work for this company and it’s all dead time Wow I can’t wait til I own my own business because and I’m gonna get out of this place working for somebody else but actually working for someone else is one of your most critical times to learn skills that you’re going to learn and lose later on as you’re you’re an owner of a company I’m telling you that’s the way it works when you’re willing to work with your hands God and your mind God’s gonna give you wisdom in the midst of that work there’s work is one resource the wisdom is a second level of resource and that’s what you need in order to own your own business another example is my dad was never one to stop not he always found a solution for whatever’s going wrong I can remember a time that we got stuck or something we needed to pull something and we didn’t have a chain we didn’t have anything to pull the second vehicle didn’t stop dad we had what’s called baling wire this is wire that was used not used much anymore but back then we used wire to tire bait I’ll tie bales together and we have lots of this wire we proceeded to weave quickly this weave these these pieces of wire together and we made our own chain we made our own rope and we pulled that vehicle out of the out of the difficult situation he was always thinking how do you solve the problem and that’s one of the things I had the advantage of as a youngster even to be not knowing it I was just the typical kid just like every other kid thinking about sports and girls sports and girls I was not attuned to business but I look back now and see how much I learned in business and I will tell you that then my first real job after I graduated from college was a continuation of that think on your feet think of a head think how you can solve the problems you see if you’re a problem solver in a business you’re a high value commodity to that company I don’t care what level you may not be the top dog you may not be paid the most but you can get there if you’re always solving problems I was working at heavy construction I was actually supervisor of heavy construction and I wasn’t very old then I started that as a supervisor and in when I was 23 and 24 years old and I didn’t know anything about construction I had a fast track to learn and I worked for the big corporation they gave me a paycheck but I was responsible for people their safety and welders and a big crane and carpenters and electricians many things no one laid this out for me I’m not bragging I’m just saying I developed again those skills that ability to think ahead to walk walk ahead and line out work that that wasn’t like a big chalkboard of just the next thing to do but I was always several steps ahead of my crews now if you’re out there working and you’re given an assignment think look ahead look to see if hey if you’re gonna nail nails and you’re gonna doing carpentry work and you’re like performing concrete don’t wait till you get to the last nail and then report to your boss hey we’re out of nails look ahead when you have a couple hours ahead say hey in a couple hours if we keep using these nails up we’re going to be out here out of nails in a couple hours I will tell you I’m sitting here in front of my machine shop and we would get on people because we have a schedule to make and we have a jobs that are finishing we have 40 30 to 40 people working and we don’t know where when every jobs gonna finish and so that worker in our own company right behind us you see some parts these are parts related to our business but the worker that’s making those parts is expected to a minimum of two hours before their job is finished to go report to the boss report to the plant manager and say hey in a couple hours I’m going to be done with my job I want to be thinking about my next job in advance this is what we want them to do and it’s working a little bit we’re always improving I want to be getting ready for my next job so while I’m finishing up this job I want to know what my next job is so I can be ready I can know if we got all the tools there we got the materials there we’ve got the measuring devices we need we have everything we need there’s certain things that you have to have in order to start the next job that gives the plant managers time to adjust or the plant manager time to make a difference or maybe the programming is not done with these are computer programs and so we have some time if someone gives us some notice so the time that you’re working for someone else is extremely valuable you should never waste time that is one commodity you can waste a little bit of money here and there you can waste a little bit of product here and there but never never never waste time now I don’t mean that you can’t take a vacation I don’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself you can’t go to golfing that’s not wasting time but when you’re on the job when you’re when you’re thinking about it and I will tell you as a business owner you’re going to think about your business a lot of time during the weekend a lot of time during the day you’re gonna have to to monitor that so that you don’t be thinking about it when your spouse and and and concerned about it when you’re with your kids so you but you’ve got to be thinking ahead solving problems problems before they surface thinking ahead of when is the next job when what are we going to do if that job fails and so these are all things that while you’re working for someone that you should be gaining those skillsets oh my goodness I know that your ability to own a business is not hinged upon the first day have this big business that’s first day you have a business if it’s your first business you’ve never owned a business later on maybe it’s different but your first business you should start as small as you can and go step by step by step and learn the business skills like what I’m talking about when you’re not so many people depending on you and if you’ve got 50 people working wait waiting for you do you know how much waste of time you have if you wait and have 50 people waiting for the next assignment you can’t do that hey I hope this was helpful we’re here as a part of inspiring better business we want you to help you to start grow and excel in your business so if you have a problem you see a problem coming up come to your boss and say listen I should be looking at this and here’s a couple options to solve that example of that would be let’s say that there’s a problem with the air compressor and and you see that there’s a problem and you’ve been watching this so you come to the boss and you say hey listen the air compressor looks like it’s on its last leg and if you’re in the position to do this and if you’re the man responsible for that you should go ahead and have some done some kind of research that says hey here’s what it might cost to repair it and some kind of research to see hey we maybe need to replace that don’t leave that to your boss all the time come to the boss come to your managers with solutions to problems I’ll guarantee you you will climb the ladder fast than you can think hey thanks for being part of this


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