September 5, 2019 Tim Walterbach

Without a vision the people will perish, and each of us will benefit when we seek out and find the specific vision God has for us.; By Tim Walterbach #000307

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By Tim Walterbach

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello this Tim Walterbach was Inspiring Better Businesses I’m continuing with the little talk we’re doing on favor F ABO our faithfulness accountability we’ve covered those two now vision to finish a vision organization and ROI a good example I bee-bees mission is to identify and develop Christian business leaders who will utilize resources in their respective countries to fulfill the Great Commission this is a statement a concise statement a mission statement as a concise statement that describes your purpose why you exist why is that important you don’t always have an opportunity to to communicate all your strategies and all that you’re trying to accomplish so you want to remind others and yourselves internally both externally what it is you’re about you know you’ve heard they’ll say not being on see the forest for the trees a mission statement gives you that 30,000 foot view lets you look at things in the right perspective to remind you when you’re in the heat of the battle where you’re in that force and you can’t see 10 foot in front of you what you’re here for and help you to chart your way out of the situations you can find yourself in to remind you and only you but everybody who’s trying to follow you what you’re about and mission values and vision can affect everything from how you clean the offices to how you treat your customers I attract investors there they’re looking for people that want to partner with you or invest with you want to see that you have taken the time to really think through what your purpose is and where you’re going and why you’re doing it if it’s something that appeals to and lines up with an investor’s purposes you get a much greater chance of receiving funding from that person or partnering up with that business or strategic alliance with you know someone that’d be a company that would provide some synergy for the service and products you’re trying to provide the community so I’ve mentioned three different things that we cattle categorized under vision mission values and vision and it’s often asked what’s the difference between a mission and the difference between that and a vision you know like I said a mission is what is our purpose why do we exist a concise explanation of your reason for existence your purpose where’s your overall intention but a vision generally shorter more concise looks forward it creates a mental image of the ideal it’s what you want to achieve a lot of times you’ll have timelines put on it you know in 10 years we want to wipe out poverty you know fill in the blank whatever your whatever your purpose is to capture this much of the market in this region of the United States we want to by 2030 accomplish this goal and then in when those will always serve as a reminder for you and and for your company and will affect you know everything that you do and will attract like-minded people you know I mentioned that I worked for that foundation and we we had a very clear set of vision and and mission and and and these goals that we had that we called buckets you know and one bucket was widows and orphans and another handicap the unborn and evangelism those are three four areas that we really focused on not that we wouldn’t partner up with people on other in Denver’s but we would really focus on on those areas you really got our attention if you helped us fulfill our vision and that’s something to be really attuned to if you’re going to approach somebody and invest you’re a banker even a donor do your homework first find out what they’re about you can save yourself you can save them a lot of time you can save yourself a lot of time I served as a executive director a non-profit and I was going through the drawers the desk that was used by the previous director and I pulled out this clipboard and it had a hundred and twenty names of potential partners that we could approach for investing in our in our work I saw a check under the no buy all of them and almost all of them and a few that just were left blank it wasn’t very successful and I looked at that that represented months years of work without any fruit and I saw the people that were approached really didn’t have much in common and didn’t we were not in any of their buckets so to speak so important to line ourselves up to and with a biblical principle is it where does vision come from I believe we are all born a vision and it’s it’s up to us to discover it Isaiah 40:8 says God told Israel through the prophets I’m going to tell you beforehand what I’m going to do so that when it happens you don’t give credit to anybody else but me and it is wholly in God’s nature to share with us why he gave us natural gifts and talents and and the spiritual gifts that we’ve been given so we can become in tune with the vision for our lives and partner with people that share that vision that because it’s not until to really reach the highest and best use of our life it’s not until we surround ourselves with like-minded people and and demonstrate the lengths and breaths and deaths and Heights of God’s love and and the manifold wisdom of God that we are to be put on display on this earth you tap in to the vision for God’s purpose for you and for your business and your business just extension of you you have a much greater chance of success thank you for your time


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