Value Of Quality

Value Of Quality
December 1, 2017 Gary Shotton

Having the highest possible quality in your product or service can not only gain repeat customers but cut your costs of marketing.  By Gary Shotton #000165

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Value Of Quality

By Gary Shotton

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Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and today I’m going to talk about, “The Value of Quality”. I want to give you some ideas that most of you are going to say are a little bit of a repeat. But, I will tell you that this is more important than you first would think. I was driving on a road trip and I had a young gentleman I was mentoring and he asked me a question he said, “Gary, what would be the number one thing that you’ve learned in business that would help people.” And it kind of caught me off guard and then I thought about it just as we’re riding it a little bit. I said, “you know the value of quality”. right now you’re probably about to turn this off because, “oh I’ve heard this before,” “quality, quality give me something more exciting, something more interesting, something like the newest gadget or newest something, some new technology”. “I know all about quality”. I’m telling you you probably haven’t counted the value of quality. And if you hear me out and I hope you would I hope to show you, in my thought pattern, quality is the number one thing that permeates through all companies, and this goes throughout our company and is consistently with the difference maker. you see there’s a lot of people looking for what’s next, what’s new thing out there, what’s the new gadget. We’re looking at new ways of doing things, all the time. But if we are currently doing things that are not at the highest quality, and if we’re not creating processes and systems to produce the quality that is expected or that is paid for, then we’re going to be missing the boat by adding new things to our company. You see, we all have processes and systems, almost all of us do, whether we realize it or not. On a personal basis, we might call of these routines. But almost every business, like banking, have a process of taking in the money. They have a process of counting the money. They have a process of doing things. They have a process behind the scenes of processing loans. We have processes in your bodies. We have systems that are inherently a part of us. We have our respiratory system. Our circulatory system. Our nervous system. We have all these systems working together. So we all have processes or systems working together in our businesses. One of the things that we would start with is quality people. You see, when we we create a quality culture. At different points in my life I have had a couple different business. I made the mistake one time of being desperate for someone to work, it was a labor job, I found somebody that was just kind, of off the street. And pretty soon I noticed that all of his friends were coming and making applications to work at my company. This company and the job was the moving and storage business. This was not something that takes a lot of intelligence, not a college degree or even a high school diploma. It was a basic labor job but yet I needed the culture to be a culture of integrity. To be the culture of meeting people. The culture of being able to finish a job. To have respect and all kinds of ethical things in being in people’s homes and so that was somebody I didn’t want so I had to move the culture of quality of people who are hiring back to what we wanted it what we needed what we could pay for here in this business we have able to pay high wages very high wages and we’re able to give even overtime and have good benefit package and so there’s people always looking for our people and we don’t want them to go away so we have quality people we keep our quality to people we have a system to train our people if they always are learning more day to day that’s what is exciting to a lot of people you see some people feel very stuck in their job the routine on others that’s okay but a lot of our people are like the challenge of something new and different or even what they’re doing the ways to improve it so we create that culture of always improving always making things better always taking in suggestions always listening to people’s ideas they can’t just do it just because they want to because we have processes and systems but they can bring it to the table they can bring it for our suggestions and we do listen listen to them we want longevity one want people that that are going to stay with us and that means they still have to be able to be gone on vacation or have a personal need or just off on holidays or we they’re not there for the day so just because they’re a quality person they have to be one that will be sharing the and adding to the process so quality just goes all the way down down the down the line now from me as a salesperson I am the really the primary the only sales person for our company because we’re not out selling to hundreds of individuals we keep our few customers very happy and our customers very happy is when I show up as the decision maker and talk with them and make sure they’re happy so that’s what we do there and it works very well for us but you know when we have quality and we know that we have parts that are coming to them with a high level of quality consistent we’re we’re we’re favored by our customers they look for us to take on more work for them you might be surprised I’ve been challenged at times with my customer that just almost did demand from me more time at one point in the year 2014 I’m tardy it started 20 2011 2010-2011 we’re ramping back up and and and with this number one customer came to me had me come into the office and they said we’d now demand of you expect of you a written plan that would give us some six or seven hundred man hours of work a month and so basically we said okay we’re gonna we’re going to go ahead and add another building we’re gonna add some more equipment and we’re going to hire four or five people that would make up that difference in a particular time span they like that because they wanted they knew that we provided number one quality fair price is always in there you’re not gonna get away from that but quality is the issue on-time delivery that’s very important quality still the number one quality Trump’s all of those things you see if I’m not willing to maintain quality as my number one factor then I’m gonna have customers that are going to be always looking around always looking around for somebody else that would do better higher quality and cheaper both of both those things we have to have higher quality and cheaper occasionally but we have to also be able to number one quality there’s a saying that my daughter actually uses sometimes with her pricing she says you know this price may look a little high but I’ll guarantee you you’ll be happy at the end when you used us you know have another saying that came from someone else that said you know if you don’t have quality and someone comes to you like your restaurant or comes into your store or deals with you they say in one visit you can get both your first visit your last visit and your never again visit all in one swoop that’s true I’ll never come back there again all the things back from quality the way you handle a issue we say an issue or a problem or somebody that’s that something that’s that didn’t go well you can do that in a quality manner a way that’s respectable way that’s acceptable and those people will be ok with it you know quality is is not perfection it doesn’t mean we never make a mistake but we make sure at the end of a process that they know how important quality it is in our casts case we look and show them how we’ve changed the process so this will not happen again to the best of our ability we have a great scorecard the scorecard tells us how many bad shipments got to our customer that’s the number one thing you see in an assembly line if my part won’t fit won’t work we stopped the entire assembly line that’s what we’re doing we’re providing parts for somebody else to assemble in high-volume we can’t have a bad part we do we have to be able to figure out how to stop pending I hope this helps I hope you’ll put a higher priority on quality I hope you’ll enjoy more of these lessons and teachings I hope you’ll inspire be inspired to do better business thank you
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