Value Of Work

Value Of Work
July 15, 2016 David Kamanzi

Diligence in work is essential for any business owner to succeed and excel. #000010

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Value Of Work

By David Kamanzi   From Uganda Africa

My name is David Kamanzi and today we are talking about the “Value of Work”. And the importance of work. Because  after all these things are done in life accomplishing for the church in my community, “The Maternal Community Church”, and the founding “Home Of Love and Dreams Ministry”, and starting the school, and all these things, then you realize there is a need. And you are going to believe with me, that being in need forces you to be a creative person. You must be forced to act and begin to realize that we have all these needs. And we see the need to take care of our children to provide food, and to provide education, and everything. And then I realized that God, the principles of God, are how we can be blessed. The Bible says, “I will place the works of your hands”. So, God expects us, even as a pastor in my community to work. Many pastors in my fellowship I have interacted with, and I have realized that none of these pastor’s wanting to jump out of their coats and ties and find some work to do. But I thought and I want to be a pastor that is different. And that’s when I got married and realized that I need to provide for my family for my wife and we needed to build us our own home. We needed to have all the things going and I began to look for something to do.

After my life on the streets, I remember we used to find some work and go cut trees and do decoration and ask the people, if we could decorate their hotels and all these places for some pay. And, so that’s where I began to appreciate “The Value of Work” in my life. And, how I began to know that if you want dignity and want to create pride for yourself and if you want fulfillment. Then I knew that I could provide for my home, I was fulfilled in my heart. Then, when I got married, we realized we needed a home. But also, in our community there was a need. People were building in our very fast-growing community. Seemed everyone was building houses. And they were buying bricks from out of town, 300 kilometers away, two hours or three hours drive out of town. And we said, “how about if we started a brick making business?” We thought about it. I shared it with my friends. I said, “hey, let’s try it out” and we went and talked to a friend who has a piece of land. We say, “we want to make bricks. Would you please give us your piece of land?”  We will pay you this much after we make our bricks. And so, we began to make bricks.  We made lots and lots of bricks and we realized that people appreciated our brick making business because they would come and buy and pay us money and then we begun to save enough money and then later realize that “yes, we can come up with a plan for our house”. And then I went and designed the plan we needed for a house and we had much money to start with.

God spoke to me to build a place of worship and so we started building. We started up with the money we had to build a church in our community.  We continued with our business and sold bricks. And then we had enough money to start our home. You need to see our home. It’s a beautiful home in our community. It gives you pride. Now everyone sees me as a successful pastor. And you know, I talked about “it gives you dignity” You know, people now respect us. As you serve God in this area you’re proud,  you have accomplished something so there’s value for work and we want to encourage you my dear workers and my dear viewers that, it is God’s plan for us to find some work to find something we can do to support our homes, to support ministries, and you don’t know how valuable you’ll be in our community And then recently, with the home full of the children we realized we were spending a lot of money on vegetables And we said, we asked my neighbor to let us use his piece of land. And then I wanted to start a very good vegetable garden. The neighbor allowed. We bought the seedlings. And thank God, I shared with my children. They came with me. We have come up with a very good garden. Now, when you come and find the children are not even home just to get education and food and what they’re learning how to do some work. Now, recently we have harvested very good you know cabbage and spinach and all this kind of vegetables. So, it’s important when you do some work. Thank you for listening.



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