May 12, 2019 Gary Shotton

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” Zig Ziglar by Gary Shotton #000284

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By Gary Shotton

Text editing and translation in Swahili language was Doreen Gamaliely, from university of Diplomacy.

Hello I’m Gary Shotton .I’m here to be a part of Inspiring Better Business  today. We’re going to talk about volunteerism how to be a volunteer .I’m going to start off with a quote from the late .  If you’ll help enough other people get what they want in life you will get what you want.  That’s a general quote from what he stopped said at the end of almost every radio broadcast that he talked on. When he was alive and this a principle almost a seed time and harvest principle there that applies to virtually every one of us.  When we hold information ,when we hold back information ,  when we keep from helping people .We’re working count to what God would have to do in our life cycle .

The life cycle as a younger person is growing up they don’t know what they don’t know but a lot of people don’t know in life where to take their next step, now you’re not going to be able to tell people what to do ,You’re probably going to have to demonstrate it more than anything but back to volunteerism in the sense that it’s a general term .It’s a general way of you to experience life in a way outside of just being paid for everything you’re being done or because you’re responsible for that or that’s your job this is when you’re helping people that cannot pay you back. When you’re really helping someone with no expectation in return from them you are now a volunteer now why would you do this, well there’s several reasons in the general sense.   There’s a need somebody has a need for their grass to be mowed you volunteer to help in that need and that’s a base reason for volunteering and I’ve done a lot of that in church they needed a Sunday-school teacher at the zoo and three-year-old I’m not that good with two and three-year-old but I did it for a couple years because there was a need there.

My best place to volunteer was at the junior high level now as you go into this you’ll start seeing that through the attitude of being a volunteer God will expose you to things and you’ll learn things in the process that really you can’t even learn while you’re being paid .  You’re gonna learn in this case with junior high boys and girls to deal with an audience that’s not necessarily interested in hearing what I have to say they may be there for a lot of different reasons so I had to come up with creative ways to be sure that they’re tuned in to me and that they’re tuned in and listening and truly helping them .

Understand the next step in life there, happens to be an organization. Here it’s really international all around the world but strong in the United States called Junior Achievement and there’s a great example my time is limited . I have many things to do but even next week I’m volunteering with three or four other men to go to a part of town .That’s not that blessed not that economically prosperous and we’re going to teach from their material the basics of entrepreneurship ,well I’ve done that before I’ve done at least ten classes before  in the previous years. It’s been a while but I’m gonna go there and talk about entrepreneurship.   That’s right up my alley that’s where I should be so that’s kind of point number two the point number one is that there’s always going to be need around you and  you need to step in and help in that need somebody has a flat tire on the side of the road and you can tell they’re in trouble .

I had a situation where somebody was clearly out of gas it wasn’t someone that looked to have very much economic cash in their pocket and I just pulled over and I happen to have time at that time and I ran and got them a gallon of gas and put it in their car and wave them goodbye well. They had a need and so we help them but better level of volunteerism, it’s just like something that fits you. Something that you’re gifted at that’s back to the Junior Achievement boy.  I’m right up my alley with entrepreneurship and also I’ve learned how to speak talk to audiences by doing that through Junior Achievement just a little bit but through years and years of teaching Sunday school or church class for the junior high level they’re not  just excited about being there. Some of them are a half asleep some of them  are forced to be there and so it caused me to develop some skills to speak .  That are way better than just speaking occasionally to an audience of adults you see. There’s a lot of people want to speak in front of adults but they haven’t actually qualified themselves because they haven’t spoken to enough people and you can talk in front of the mirror.   All you want but when you’re in front of an audience that’s when you’re gonna get the experience there.

We’re in front of a large number of junior high kids I got the experience .I was five years working with what we called the junior high class on Saturday night at a large church so I had between 50 and 75 sixth seventh and eighth graders all they’re waiting for me to have something to teach them for about 20-25 minutes that’s maximum.  They’re not gonna listen for an hour so 20-25 minutes and I learned to interact with them. I learned to do skits with them I learned as much as they did about the class and about talking in front of an audience now. Let’s talk about the business world we’re here to help you as volunteers and you know a volunteer someone that is helping you with no expectations of payback from the person you’re helping there’s none there’s no way that I’m expecting anyone on these videos to pay me back but I will tell you the payback is great because my experience is that ,God has blessed me measure to do things.

I’d never dreamed of doing the way beyond my expectations but right up the alley for me, right up the area where it was interesting for me to do travel is something and interesting to me. so I’ve been all around the world 35-plus countries around the world talking and teaching.  Something  I’m doing to you on this video a reason we’re not stopping traveling around the world. It’s just a lot more economical to reach more of the world by teaching a lesson like this. So let’s apply it to you ,ask yourself where are my personal interests?, What are the interests that have put inside of me?,  I’m interested in doing and I have some experience in that ,it could be all the way from playing a guitar and you’re a great guitarist or it could be someone that’s a good at  football and you now have a chance to look around and find someone younger.  Probably in age but certainly younger inexperienced and you can reach out and volunteer to help them. Now you’ve got to judge your time ,you’ve got to look at your time and you got to decide how much time you can give. There are some general principles in giving in our household budget as financially.

It suggested and I have been for many years 10% of my household budget my household living not my company but my household and I looked at it and I said you know that’s maybe pretty close not ten percent of a hundred and sixty eight hours of my life that’s in a week but 10% of my discretionary time you see we have sleep time .We have eat time ,we have work time but the time leftover may be just six or eight or ten hours maybe ,I could give an hour a week to volunteer . That is a pretty good chunk of time you could be doing something else but I believe that you will benefit from that in a way  that hour will be made up many times over with just the wisdom you’re gonna get and with God’s help we need some help it’s not a need like we were going to go under if we don’t have  done but those that are gifted in a computer boy we have just some basic things that you can help us not fix our computer but load data on the computer. We have a need for those that are good at text editing we have a need and this and I say in need it’s not a desperate need but those that are involved multi-language that speak English and French.  English , Swahili English in Spanish that you could take an hour a week or half hour a week or an hour a month and be a part of our volunteer force and I it isn’t that we’re gonna pay you.

You’re gonna get paid a whole lot better when you trust in the Lord to pay you back for giving up of your time and your energy and your effort .You’re gonna see that at the end of the day like Zig Ziglar “If you’ll help enough other people get what they want in life you’ll get what you want”.I believe that whole heartedly and I ask you to consider it not just for me, if it’s not a niche for business and not a niche  for entrepreneurship. Find something else I hope this is helpful it does apply to business but it really applies to life.Thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.



  1. Tim Walterbach 3 years ago

    Great talk on volunteering. Volunteering is as much of the Christian life as going to church for worship. Thanks for the practical examples of how we should give ourselves to others.

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 3 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. Yes, I think this i one of the bigger secrets of God’s provision.
      I need to be more prompt in returning my comments.

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