Vote With Your Feet

Vote With Your Feet
March 15, 2020 Gary Shotton

Voting in a political election is a privilege associated with living in a free nation and the same privilege existed in a open marketplace.  Every purchase is a vote for your product or service.  by Gary Shotton #000352

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Vote With Your Feet

By Gary Shotton

Hello I’m Gary Shotton, I’m here as a part of Inspiring Better Business (IBBTalks). we like to start with a problem, and try to solve that. Today I want us to talk about the fact that no one wants to in their life or a segment of their life with regrets and disappointments. I think that’s pretty true and even a segment of your life is something you can’t even retrieve.

It’s gone forever so the key word of the first word is start with the end in sight. That’s what I’m going to talk about Start with the end in sight and so at the point of a crossroads in your life or a way that you could consider starting or starting over or starting for the first time. I’m suggesting that you take a good hard look at where you’re headed you will not know all the details. I’m not saying that at all in fact you’ll be surprised how uninformed about what you’re getting into and how really you knew.

As you edit as it unfolds but still make every effort you can to look down line and say if I follow this path and it goes anywhere close too. Where I’m thinking what if I would be happy and satisfied at the end of life or at the end of that segment of your life? The Holy Spirit of God will help you but you’ve got to learn both to grow up a little bit, understand the Word of God. When the Spirit of God is speaking and know that he is, you’ve got to ask him and then you’ve got to be willing to listen.

Listening is a bit of an art it’s not Todd. It’s caught how does the Holy Spirit speak to you is unique to all of us. Now one of the things you can look at when you’re starting something. I will really enjoy doing for a segment of my life. Why am I doing it is a hobby? Why would I choose to do something that I don’t really enjoy? Now it doesn’t mean that every day you go to work you’re just with excitement. But having that sixth sense that another dimension behind it. That I really am into this, I’m excited that I have a garden farm project and my friend Josh is now in charge of that. He just text me a minute ago on a gardening question on Saturday afternoon. I’m not pushing him. This was his passion we’ve matched up the Spirit of God be connected with God.

So, I’m excited that he has that heart at him so he likes what he doing. Sometimes someone will try to predestine you into a path. Okay! Your dad’s a medical doctor so you need to be a medical doctor? Your dad’s a lawyer you need to be a lawyer? Oh, your mom’s a teacher so you should be a teacher? Be careful with that I mean it could be true. It may be that the only thing you knew and understood and have a feeling. Because a child you saw how the school teacher worked. You understand that all that worked and you’re a little bit more conservative. So, I now understand it,

I fall into something but you’re really not gifted as a teacher, be careful with the objectives. It’s a horrible mistake to say I’m going to start this path because I can make a lot of money.

That’s very common well you need to have an idea some goals for money making or some expectations for money meeting but if your goal is money you’re probably starting with the wrong end in sight, though money is a by-product of doing good business. The money is a by-product of taking care of the details. The money is the by-product of making good choices not just to start but all the way down the line. Ultimately, it’s the by-product of serving people and your customers and making sure that you’re in tune with them in some way. Even, if it’s an internet business you’ve got to be listening to the customer and so the end in sight is not money it’s a happy customer and a happy customer would be a result of the money as the by product and know now when you start your business.

I’m talking a segment of your business or you could change segments in your life. But that someday you’re going to sell this. I bought Auto turn manufacturing the company, I’m sitting in. I’m in the finished goods department and I will tell you I’ve owned it 14 years.  If somebody says hey! Are you going to sell it I’m saying yes from the very first day I bought it? I was planning on selling it. I’m just not selling it yet, I’ll sell it when it’s the right time, but I had the end in sight to sell this. When I started and so I’m constantly building systems and processes and making sure that I’m not the only person that I can get out of this at the end that it’s not hinged upon me doing everything. I can’t sell myself the new customer the new owner doesn’t want me to come along unless I agree to it. But I don’t want that so I started with the end in sight be careful how you think. Because after spending 30 years 35 years maybe even 40 years there’s a lot of people that are disappointed at the end of life and actually it’s that they spent that much time in life. I happen to be one that I have had major segments in my life, So I’ve experienced different things that maybe other people haven’t and I think that’s a suggested that you maybe not lock in this current the 2020’s and on things change a lot that you’re probably not going to be in the same thing all of your life.

It could be changing down a line now an observation. I owned a service business for 17 years now own manufacturing company with a product for 14 years the better of the two the product look hands-down this service was more difficult. It’s where I learned business but it’s not where I made a lot of profit. Now if I got totally up into it under build a gigantic systems and processes and I had franchises of people behind me. But just to have a service business many times as observation. Just opinion it’s harder to sell there’s less people lined up to buy this business because in their mind they said I can do that especially if you don’t have equipment and product and land and things that our crew don’t crucial.

When I bought this business it was a business in manufacturing but it had a lot of small shop equipment so a lot of people could make the little parts I endeavored from the very beginning to endeavor to move up and make bigger parts ,well there’s a fewer people fewer competition I stand out I do something different we add in welding now we’re adding to a special welding now so we’re constantly looking with the end in sight and partially is at the future date ,that I will not own this whatever that might be .That we’re doing something unique and special in fact a couple new customers we have the final welding we’re doing .We’re one of few people in town or in the area that do this kind of welding .We stand out so with the end in sight be a little different . Just an observation I always would want to buy my land or building.

I don’t want to be a renter, just my observation do what you want but at the end of the day that some kind of rather than pay the rent to somebody else .I am building my own equity and in two, three and now four times situations because I owned the building owned the land, owned the property at the end of that time period .Whatever it was I had something of great value that I wouldn’t have.

If I just paid my rent and kin to that, If I was going to as time goes on I see even though I own this manufacturing company the more I can invest in land not only but land and properties in business properties is more stable I am, just happened have gone through a series right now. Where the stock market has just jumped gigantic 20% in three weeks in three days and up and down and so the stability comes. I believe not all but in observation in owning and operating of property that you work from and maybe buying.

I know my neighbor, I won’t say who it is but I regret that I didn’t buy that building. Because he was of the mind that he wants to rent man. I want that person, I want somebody that really wants to rent from me, because he’s paying my mortgage, He is paying my long-term future inheritance for whatever I do is being paid by another person. Because every time he pays his rent I’m paying my mortgage and in time I own it with no mortgage well, these are some observations these are some thoughts, don’t go overboard in these, don’t tell somebody what Gary said but just think about it, start with the end in sight.

Thank you for being a part of Inspiring Better Business,

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