Wild Stallions

Wild Stallions
January 17, 2021 Gary Shotton

Not every person in the marketplace has the same calling and purpose. The entrepreneur has unique characteristics that could be similar to a wild stallion. By Gary Shotton #000425

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Wild Stallions

By Gary Shotton

Hello, my name is Gary Shotton and I’m here as a part of inspiring better business. I have named these talk wild stallions because I am making an analogy that entrepreneurs are a little bit like a wild stallion. And I have observed that in me a bit and that in many entrepreneurs that I am around. They do not fit in with the norm. They are off trying and wanting to do their wrong thing. They really do not. And I did not want help until my back was against the wall. I was not going to ask for help until I really needed it. And later, in life I started asking earlier, but in the early day’s man; I am going to figure this out myself. It’s part of my DNA.

Well, after being a few years in this I have observed that there is seems to be three categories of people in the marketplace. And bear with me there is probably more but I can see three. I can see the entrepreneur is who I am, and who we are targeted for, but that is the person we call a wild stallion. They’re willing to go out and take a risk. They’re not going to be the norm. They’re not going to stay in their herd. They’re not going to be calm about things. They are going to press forward. Another category that is very evident in my company and as I have been in life is what I call the gift of administration. It is called out in the New Testament in Romans 4 and first Corinthians 12 and talking about the body of Christ. And I see that gift of administration clearly in a particular bible character by the name of Joseph in the Old Testament.

Now Joseph was the 11th of 12 children of Jacob and he was sold into slavery and he went into his first assignment as a slave in Potiphar’s house. And you know what? He administered the household to the level that the only thing Potiphar needed to know was that Joseph was in charge. He turned it all over. And of course, if you know the story he was lied about and caused to lose his position and ended up in the dungeon. Wow! That’s not a good place. Once again his gift of administration advanced him in some way. I wish they knew the details to the leader they had of everyone in the dungeon or in the prison. Wow! And you know what that qualified him to be the administrator of the entire wealth of the world under Pharaoh.

So, I have a reason to think there’s a gift of administration. And I have some wonderful administrators that do not try to buck me, do not try to push me around, do not try to criticize me, but they try to understand me and work with me. And I’m not always that easy to work with but they’re willing to take up and take on the task that is out of hand as an administrator. Then of course we have what we call the technical skills. Man, there is a ton of technical skills, the computer programmer, the website designer, the machinist we have here, the welders we have here, the cook, the waiter. These are honorable positions. None of these are a higher position than the other. They’re very honorable. And we see that clearly in the Old Testament when God told Solomon to build the temple and he said go out and find those that are gifted in tape tapestry. That is people that can soak cloth. Those are gifted in making woods and those that are good in metals to cover the woods.

So, I am going to talk a little further about the gift of entrepreneurship. The calling of entrepreneurship. I’ve noticed that I’ve made repeated mistakes in this and I hope not to do it again. I on a regular basis seem to think that if I hire another entrepreneur in whatever capacity I’m going to be happy and it’s going to work harmoniously. Frankly each one of those people I am talking about my moving business, I’m talking about 12 years ago, 15 to 14 years ago in my machine shop. And we’re talking about something recently each one of these people that I hired is kind of my helper, my assistant that I thought I could confide in. They had not a different agenda, they had inside of them the entrepreneurial spirit. And frankly it caused us problems. I’m not saying it was their fault I’m saying it was my fault. I did not know how to work with them, and I am not sure if I would try it again because I have enough ideas. I have enough direction. I have enough vision. I want people that are part of my team.

I notice my church does not have a board of directors. Their board of directors is the managers, and staff members inside their own organization. That’s my board of directors. That is where I think I have missed it. When I have gone outside and I have tried to get some outside opinions they are not tuned in to me, they are not thinking like I am thinking. We always had a bit of a rub. And I am not naming anybody. I’m just saying I’m the one that I made the mistake of hiring the wrong persons not the wrong individual. But the wrong gifting. And so, I need to encourage those that are entrepreneurs to go get their own entrepreneurial opportunities and go for it. I will help you. This is what we are all about. But do not work for me because it is not going to work out in general.

Well, I hope this makes sense please don’t read in it too much. Don’t try to figure out anybody’s name. This is a teaching that’s going to be good for you if you’re an entrepreneur and who you hire. You might want to think about it before you hire your best buddy that has the same personality as you. You might be making a mistake. Thanks for being a part of Inspiring Better Business.



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