April 2, 2018 Gary Shotton

Business is a lot like a sports event, the team must do everything possible to prepare, then winning becomes a condition of the mind and will. By Gary Shotton #000183

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By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

I’m Gary Shotton, I’m right here it got the Honduras and the district upon speaking early in the morning so wouldn’t be quite so noisy along the side of a highway but huh today I’m going to talk about the busted bracket I’m hearing an horn country and they look quite like watched basketball the penalty NC double-a finals and the first team out busted the bracket as number one team was beaten by a number 16 team and I’m going to tell you why that happened and why that applies here you see the number 16 team in basketball in the bracket had a stronger mind said that they could win they could win no matter what and I watched the whole game wasn’t that interesting of a team I thought but I got started and wow this number 16 C team had virtually no chance of beating a number one never in the history of the NCAA has a number one been defeated by a sixteen these young guys dug in they had all the skill sets they needed they had done all the homework they needed they were on fire they were pressing forward and they made sure that they didn’t like behind in the game well how does that apply here in Honduras we’ve got to change the mindset of people here we might be sitting here in a a number 16 seat meaning we could never compete with even the Kennedy maincity uh though I apply into into San Pedro Sula but we’re out in ER in a smaller town or we might be in a business that has tough competition and you know a lot of the game a lot of the sports game is one in the mind the head tells you whether you could win or not and yes you have to do the footwork yes you have to do the preparation let’s take basketball you have to practice you have to have a team you have to be able to produce and in that production is the most end point where you still have to change your mind you see in business many people have a higher skill sets and end up losing many people have better start in life and still lose in life many people start with more money and still lose in life how can that be well the underdog the guy that and gal that will dig in there and work strong work hard figure it out put God on their side help make a difference that’s the one that has a chance to win that’s the one I want to put my time and energy and effort in our focus on these teachings is now very centered on those that want to start a business that’s the very beginning and those who want to take a small business and see it grow to the next level and we’re not after helping the biggest company the big enterprise’s they’ll get their own money we’re here to help these people in this this town and this region to be financially independent that’s the goal and we’re here to help them get started we’re here to see them change their mind we had a three-hour seminar yesterday and in that seminar all I was doing is talking about change or my power you’ve got to become a winner yes we talked about the three P’s of proper phasing Lee having a product having a having the right people and having a process yeah we talked about those and we dug into those because that’s like learning how to dribble that’s like learning how to shoot the the free throat that’s the basics we’ve got to learn the basics we can’t sit back and just think it’s going to happen we’d have to learn those but with all that learning with all that training with all the reading you do if you don’t change your mind if you don’t change that I can’t do it yes you can do it now take it step by step don’t start so big that you fail on your first go grow step by step these are global Litro principles passed the test of time these are things that you can do that will make a difference in your skill sets but it comes back to changing your mind if you can’t change your mind and be convinced that you can do it you’re gonna fail I just take this in you’re probably going to where you’re not going to at least be anything bigger than then then get along or are nearly surviving every time you have a challenge in business you’ve got to come with it to think I can do it I could may I can have the right mindset I’ve been watching my words we had a situation in the year 2009 when our economy just dropped out of sight man there was no way it looked like we’re gonna hang on I had lots of debt had lots of payments I had 65 employees I had to cut 41 of those employees and tell them I’m sorry we don’t have work for you we’re down to 24 man if I didn’t keep my mind screwed on straight my head screwed on and I’m thinking we’re gonna win I told our small core I said you know I don’t have any option we are going to win we are going to come through this and I’ll be on top of that we’re going to come through this is a better company we’re going to come through this is a stronger company we will win we will come through you have to convince yourself sometimes you have to talk yourself into it you might think you’re lying well I’m lying in my head well go ahead and line your head because the truth is you can succeed you can come through you don’t have to throw in the towel you can make it you can make a difference you can succeed you can capitalize on even the tough situations when we had the downturn it gave me a chance to get rid of some of the workforce that I had inherited when I bought the company they weren’t the best workers they weren’t the best team I was able to to now recruit better replacements it actually was to my advantage to have the downturn it doesn’t say it didn’t sound like it at the time because I was tight on cash I was tight on job but I had to come through it I’m telling you again if you don’t change your mind if you don’t get it into your head that you can win you will do exactly what you think you will lose and I can tell you the truth is that makes the difference well I hope this is helpful to you we’re here enjoying this time we are talking with businesses we talked with a factory that wasn’t really like mine exactly but a similar it was 45 workers that are welders and fitters and Overhaulin engines and and man this this company has it going there have a regional presence and people coming from miles away to use our service they have an inventive mind to them and I encourage them to think a little different going to production may they have invented some things some trailers and some some a coffee machine a coffee roasting machine change your mind it’s going to take some new energy some new effort well thanks again for being a part of this we wish you the very best and and till we’re back in the States just let you know I throw up visiting these to you thank you


  1. Alla Pavetic 4 years ago

    I agree Gary! Only those that really want it, actually win!

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 4 years ago

      Yes, the battle many times is won or lost in the mind. Blessings, Gary

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