World Cup Football

World Cup Football
October 11, 2016 Gary Shotton

In many ways, being successful in business is similar to winning at World Cup Football.  By Gary Shotton #000028

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World Cup Football

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

Hello. My name is Gary Shotton. I’m here in China, the Great Wall of China. You can kind of see here behind me just a little bit and I’m standing on top of this wall. Encouraging to be here enjoying myself and today I want to talk about the game of World Cup Football in America. We call it soccer, but we’ll call it World Cup Football around the world, and how that’s parallel to our business climate and what we do in business. Now, I’ve said for many years now that the scoreboard for a soccer event is clearly marked and clearly recorded in history. So it doesn’t matter which country, which tournament, but the one thing that gets most documented and most remembered is what the final score was. The score is what goes down in history and what happens in business is profit is equal to our score that’s how we measure ourselves in the business world. It isn’t that we’re greedy for money, that’s not it at all. It’s just a case of how do we measure how we’re doing? And so if we have a month that’s a good, solid, positive month with a profit, then that was a good score. If we have a month that’s not, we’ve got to make some adjustments. I personally look at the score on profit on an average of at least the last three months. Now I look at it somewhere, on my business, somewhere on the 10th to the 15th day after the end of the last month. I have my accounting set up so I can look as deep and as long, for the last 10 years if I want to look at our sales I can look at it with a push of a button. I do encourage you if you’re not good with accounting and you’re the owner of the company, you do not have to be the accountant, but you better understand your numbers because I look at that, I am interested in that, and I make adjustments based on whether we’ve been profitable or not, because at the end of the year where we in our country pay our taxes, then that’s the score that really goes down in record. Now, we also have an offensive side of our team, and we have a defensive side of our team. So, in this process of comparing World Cup football with business, we can acknowledge that the sales department in my book, and my understanding, and my teaching is that kind of the equivalent of the scoring part, the strikers, the people shooting on goal, and on goal you could count the number of opportunities to shoot on goal, or the number of times that we scored on a turnover from our end of the field and the number of the times that we scored or did well because of a corner kick, and so there’s all kinds of ways to judge sub scores inside our corp on the field. Well in our business world, we need to be knowing what kind of a closing ratio we have. Are we making enough sales attempts? Are we making enough sales opportunities? The main one for me is are our customers happy so that we have repeat and referral business? If we don’t have a customer that will come back to us, especially on a business, whether it’s a restaurant, or are something like a hair styling, or something like a clothes cleaner that cleans our clothes, I mean if we can’t keep our current customers then no new customer is going to be able to replace those people that are going out the back door because we’re not good enough. And so, the ability to score in our business is the equivalent of our increasing sales. In my particular case, our sales are down. We had a year of 2014 that we actually were almost a million dollars a month in sales, and my sales now are down to about 550,000-600,000 dollars a month. That means that about thirty thousand dollars every business day, must go out the back door. In other words, be sold, be invoiced, or I’m not going to hit my $600,000. So that’s the score. Have I got goods going out to my customers every single day, and what am I going to do to make sure the sales are strong? We’ve gone through a period where our long-term customers are now shopping around, they’re wanting to get a better price, and we’re introducing some new customers. That’s all part of the offensive. It’s not necessarily easy to score, but to be honest in sports, the star, the people that get most recognition, are usually the people that score the goals. So, in many times in business, our sales department gets a kind of a added importance given to them. Now, in my current business, I am the only salesman there. So I guess I have that advantage, but in a previous business I had five sales people. I had a sales manager, and so all this rolls into the fact that we better be looking at our sales and make sure they’re coming in the door because if not, we’re we’re dying on the vine. Now, let’s talk about defense. Well defense is to me the operations and procedures. Because, the defense in my business is making sure that we’re the most efficient we could possibly be, and being the most efficient means that we can produce our parts with high quality, but at the lowest possible price we can produce it. So, obviously profit is the difference of income (that’s the sales), minus the expenses. That margin right here, that’s our margin of profit, so we better be watching our expenses. I’ve noticed in my previous years sometimes I didn’t watch my expenses close enough. I wasn’t on top of those, I wasn’t making sure everything was spent wisely, and I wasn’t making sure that we are efficient in what we’re doing. Now, as a company, we’re working with our operations, and we’re always improving processes. We’re always increasing the training and the ability to make the parts safely, by the way that’s number one, safety first, our employees are number one, and then production, and then quality production is part of getting a repeat customer. If you were in the food business and you put out a bad meal, guess what? The news is going to spread. Your bad meal, your customer satisfaction rating drops, and they tell people about that, and they will remember to not come back. And so, in my business I have to have high quality, I have to have on-time delivery, I have to have a short lead time, I have to be the fastest one to be able to respond to their needs, and I have to have safety with my employees. I have to have a lot of things going on in order to be good in my production systems. Now, many times we don’t think about this other part of our event, and it’s the referees, and I’ll talk just a little bit about that. Obviously, in the sporting worlds we now have multiple cameras, we want to have ten cameras on an important game, maybe even more than that, and those referees they have to call the game right. I’ve known in the World Cup soccer arena, when a referee made a bad call or happened to be standing in the wrong position or the wrong place, and a score was prevented because the referee was in the way and got hit with the ball, I’m talking about chaos when that happens. The team is irate, that referee may never referee a high level game again if that happened one time. Our government is never intended to be in the game. They’re intended to be administers of a fair playing field, and the fair playing field means that they’re taxing us fairly, they’re not discriminating, and they’re making sure that the game rolls on faster. They won’t let somebody delay, they won’t let somebody stall. Well in my business, the world economy is picking up faster and faster and faster, and I’m competing more with people in China, people in Mexico, people in other countries, and we’re all facing a world market, and so we better be playing with the same ground rules, with the same referees. Well, I hope this makes sense, I hope this is helpful to you. I hope you enjoy these videos, please share them with somebody. We hope you would enjoy this. Thank you very much.


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