X-Hits The Spot

X-Hits The Spot
November 28, 2018 Gary Shotton

The next generation would rather have a compass to give guidance than a map to follow someone’s route in business by Gary Shotton #000243

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X-Hits The Spot

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is Gary Shotton and I’m very happy to be talking with you via this video and these audio teachings and we do hope that these lessons are encouraging and inspire you to do better business well today I’m going to talk about X hits the spot what do I mean by that X hits the spot well you know if you were just using a map you could put an X on your destination and you’re going to drive a vehicle or walk or whatever your whatever your mode of transportation is and you would want to make sure that you’ve got to that spot in a given amount of time now with today’s technology and my phone I have a application on my phone that’s called maps and I can hit that same spot and I can push you know give me a couple different routes to get there and it’ll tell me is it going to take me 1 hour and 30 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes to get to that spot if I’m driving well the point is there’s a spot that I’m going to and as a business owner I feel like you have a couple choices when you’re talking about your planning and when you talk about your future and it’s really important that you think about this a bit because in planning and creating your future on a personal basis and a business it could fall back to what you know you might think a college counselor or high school counselor would tell you figure out what you want to do hit your hit that on the map of your life and then go for it just like that map equation I gave you or that’s example well I don’t know if I totally agree with that because there’s so many times people have made these expectations in their life and they worked hard for those expectations and sometimes it wasn’t even where they’re supposed to go but they’re determined because they said they’re going there to get there and they get there and they find out it wasn’t even half what they thought it was going to be or some never make it there I’ve heard more than one college student that’s in business say I’m gonna be a millionaire by the time I’m 30 well that’s a great goal but when you don’t get there and you’re not even close is that really discouraging now hear me clear when I talk about what I’m gonna share here next I’m not talking about you never make a plan or you never set a goal I just suggest that you do it differently I suggest that you set a plan or a goal that’s achievable in the next short period of time whatever that might be maybe it’s one year or two years or maybe it’s even one month and five months I don’t know but be careful not to set these long expectations that’s just my opinion but be more open to figure it out as you go you know where you want to get in general you might have an overall mission mission statement or vision statement you know the the general direction you want to go in my case business I knew I wanted to be a business owner but I wasn’t sure what that was going to be and if I had sat down and picked my business based on the information I had as a young guy I would have missed it a country mile so I’m a little bit more of figured as you go but to set some spots some some benchmarks see I’m called to be an engineer and that’s more of a journey than than a than a pathway you know it’s more of a journey to be an entrepreneur I’ve had act opportunity to hear and talk with university students and I’ve heard it well said that many of them coming in life falling the line that I would suggest as entrepreneurs would be more inclined to say don’t give me a map for my life just give me a compass a compass will direct me and I can look at my compass and stay on track that way well I like to see and think of my life is moving to the next assignment in life and I would have never dreamed I would have been anywhere past assignment number two my first assignment was to go to college and I finished that and my second assignment was to work for a large corporation and I did that but after that I’m off as an entrepreneur and I never would have dreamed that I would have moved to go to Bible School and come very humbled to own and operate a moving and storage company moving furniture people moving it was a little humbling but boy did I learn a lot doing that and it was the right next assignment my next assignment will ended with at the end it and then my next assignment was to buy this machine shop I have ownership of a company that we make metal parts for industry I’ve been at this assignment about 12 and a half years at this point but you know people watching this might be if we be surprised but I’m really ready for my next assignment and I know what it is I’m not sure when it is it’s a garden farm with growing healthy food who would have guessed I would have never planned on these things being in my path you see I want something that’s more exciting than just following the path following somebody else’s rope salt following somebody’s else’s map and I will I’m not happy if I actually hit the spot I’ve watched people do this and they got to where they thought they were going to want to be one particular person in for sure said man when I and when I sell this company that he owned I’m gonna travel well he didn’t travel more than one weekend because he didn’t like traveling because he wasn’t traveling when he owned the business so things don’t change just because you finished that assignment you’re gonna find something to do that’s worthwhile and beneficial well first Timothy 6:6 says godliness with contentment is great gain if there’s nothing else you could say here you need to learn to be content it’s kind of a mixed feeling here you’re a content with where you’re at but also not satisfied until you’ve accomplished the assignment that you’re on and then look for another assignment I’m talking to business owners I’m talking to entrepreneurs and I believe this will help thanks for I love your feedback have any comments want to email me I’d love it and for sure sign up or make a comment on the bottom of the website there well we’ll sign off for now Inspiring Better Business thank you


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