Your Tongue

Your Tongue
February 21, 2021 Gary Shotton

Your tongue is powerful and directs our business in a similar manner as the ruder on a ship or a bridle in the mouth of a horse.  Control your tongue and you will control the future of your business. By Gary Shotton #000429

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Your Tongue

By Gary Shotton

This text is in Extreme Rough draft and will be edited in the near future.

hello my name is gary shotton and i’m here as a part of inspiring better business and today we’re going to talk about the words my tongue or your tongue and in this process we’re going to study and talk about the the element of your tongue affecting the words that you speak and the words that you speak are reflecting what’s in your heart what’s inside of you we all know that if you’ve been married for any length of time you can say just a few words to your spouse and those words can be soothing and encouraging and and and uplifting but if you say a few words that are uh critical or or say picking a fight you can get it on real fast i mean i have experience in that now i’ve mellowed after 47 years but i know a few words that can get it going so i want to be careful that i watch what i say in my marriage the same thing’s true with raising children if we raise our children in a way that we’re speaking words of encouragement man there’s a whole different reaction to that but as soon as we move over to something that’s negative the same thing then then we have a negative result the same things is true with virtually everything in our life the words we speak your tongue is very powerful the word of god refers to this in the uh book of uh james chapter three that the tongue is like the bit in a in a bridle that’s on the face of a horse when you’re riding a horse you can control and direct and stop that horse if you have any experience at all i was raised on a farm and ranch we had cattle i rode horse i have it for a long time but you want to have the hands on the reins that has is connected to that bit inside that horse’s mouth because you can control the horse now on the ocean we have uh what’s called the rudder on the ship and it’s referred to in james chapter three about the the rudder on a ship that it is so small but it can be so powerful and redirect the entire direction of a gigantic ocean liner or ship well exactly in the same way what we speak in our life through our mouth regarding our finances and our business are just as powerful you know we refer to a lot of the bible or i refer a lot to the bible being lessons on business but if you don’t look close you’ll miss it because the bible’s lessons on life if i as i’ve just described and part of everyone’s life in my awareness is something to do with finances and it we’re never ever seeking finances we’re never ever elevating finances but the fact is if we have a good flow and an understanding and and uh control on our finances you know our marriages go wet better our our our family is better our children are better off and so it’s an important element and we’re talking about faith for finances well here’s how we have to look at it in my opinion when we have an idea possibly and probably the spirit of god might speak to you to start a business or might speak to you to expand in a new direction in your business or might speak to you to to even sell your business and and after a period of time do something else but in the starting and growing your business you might think okay i ought to first do my research man that is so important have i done my studies have i put together a financial plan am i looking at it now a real small business probably would have not much effort in this because you can experiment as a part of that research you can experiment with making one cake and later on being a baker or you can experiment with volunteering to fix someone’s hair and later on being a a salon uh owner and and you can experiment in being a carpenter and first make some small pieces of wood items and you’re you’re that’s part of your research and as you’re going down the way at some point you can say man i can make this a business i can quit my lousy government job or i can i’m tired of of being limited in what i’m at but i can do my own thing and i can be a business owner well first of all it’s in your mind you’ve done your research you’re it’s in your mind and you’re thinking about it and you might be careful not to share this with everyone because it is a fact that some people will be a discouragement on anything and everything you ever think about doing well from the mind this is how faith works from the mind you’ve got to move it to your heart what do i mean your gut your inside not your physical heart but you’re all of your being everything about you would say wow this is going to work now you can go step by step don’t go too large you can go uh you can you can uh just make a even the very first step in starting your business and here’s how that goes from your heart then you have to take some action and here’s how simple it is the action doesn’t mean you shell out a thousand dollars the tongue the tongue could be the very first action you take i was talking to some groups and i’m just emphasizing i know from a fact that just to speak out when you’re maybe to your spouse or to someone again that has your best interest in mind that you say i believe god is calling me to do whatever it is speaking with your mouth is powerful that could be the absolute first action step that you’re doing not buying the ingredients not getting an oven but the very first step could be that awesome avenue of speaking it out again i wouldn’t blab it to everyone you might want to just first speak it to yourself i believe god is calling me to do this because you have one mouth and two ears you’re hearing yourself speak that into existence because you’re gaining momentum in your faith and you know god can hear look at your heart he doesn’t have to hear your words but you need to hear your words but when you start taking that action and from your speaking you actually buy that ingredients to make this first small cake or you you buy some tools to make some jewelry or you uh create an environment so you can uh make a location to fix some hair or whatever you’re wanting to do then you’re taking steps you’re making action and i guarantee you that every step you take in the direction that you’re headed with god’s direction then god is going to respond correspondingly with some confirmation now if it’s in your heart you’ll be able to sort through this is something that came maybe not from god maybe from a ill what supposedly is a friend that’s trying to discourage you and you’ll cast off that oh man that’ll never work no don’t say that don’t let somebody else tell you that get away from that person and and continue to do your research continue to do your experimenting continue to grow step by step but continue speaking faith speaking into existence the things that god has for you in this element of your business i’m convinced this is how it works i did that when i was uh moving my from along far away to my town that i live in now and i had no opportunity for income and i had a family of five three small children and i couldn’t find a job in my own business and i looked out in my driveway and i’d used this trailer that i had borrowed from my dad the trailer that’s suitable for hauling horses hauling cattle and i had put my furniture in that so i could move from my home uh many miles away to where i live now and i looked out there and here’s this trailer and i thought man i could probably make a little money but you know what that kind of looked funny i had a horse trailer pulled behind my car and but i got it in my heart that i could start a business moving furniture and i put an ad in the paper a simple step it cost me less than two dollars to put the ad in the paper and they dialed my home phone i didn’t have a cell phone there then it wasn’t cell phones were not common or they’re not didn’t didn’t even exist and they called my home phone and i answered the phone i gave them a price and i went out and took action on the i can remember the absolute very first job that i ever did with that horse trader and i will be honest when i backed up to the family to load a bedroom set they looked at me and said what you got a horse traitor behind your car and they asked me the lot the wife since there’s a mattress involved says did you wash that out in other words is there no horse poop in there no we cleaned it all up it’s going to be okay and i had my wife help me on the other end of the mattress and i did my first job from that i did another job and another job and another job that’s how i got into the my business and was in that business for more than 17 years well i hope you can understand and apply this in your situation thanks for being a part of inspiring better business

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  1. Richard Phillips 3 months ago

    A very encouraging word, one of your best!

    • Author
      Gary Shotton 2 months ago

      Richard, It has been a long time since we have talked. Give me a call and maybe we could go out for coffee or lunch. my treat.
      Blessings, Gary Shotton 918.378.4366

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